Top 5 Reasons to Choose Career Wizards

  • Are You ...

    • The perfect candidate for the jobs you are targeting, but frustrated by low or zero response to your resume?
    • Transitioning from the military or seeking a career change into another job field or industry?
    • Wondering how to best present your background to win a promotion with your current firm?
    • A recent graduate trying to secure your first professional position?
    • Reentering the workforce after a prolonged absense?
    • Strugging to overcome tough job search challenges like "job-hopping" or employment gaps?

    Avoid Common Pitfalls

    Even if you are the "perfect" candidate for a position, someone else less skilled might get the job of your dreams because their resume was written more skillfully. Most people who write their own resumes are unsure of how to best present their strengths, downplay their weaknesses, and appeal to employers' needs. In fact, a full 98% of resumes created by unskilled professionals lack several of the most important ingredients of a great resume. As a result, many opportunities are missed.
    Common mistakes include the omission of important information and/or strategic sections, the inclusion of irrelevant (and/or ill-advised) details, a shortage of keywords, a failure to emphasize transferable skills, a lack of career focus, and an uninviting page design. And, perhaps the most critical issue, the majority of applicant's write "task based" resumes verses "accomplishment-oriented" resumes.
  • Invest In Your Future

    The Value of a Resume...

    Some job seekers regard the resume as "just a piece of paper". But in today's fiercely competitive job market, where the typically advertised position opening will receive literally hundreds of responses it takes an effective resume to win interviews. Think of it this way - a $1 bill and a $1,000 bill are both "just" paper, too. But like a resume, their value is determined by what is printed on that piece of paper.
    A professionally prepared resume is an investment in your future earning potential and career satisfaction. Career Wizards certified professional resume writers have the experience and skills necessary to present candidates from diverse industries, career fields, and experience levels at their very best. The know how to set you apart from the competition, ensure that the resume is read, and prompt the reader to take action by calling you for an interview.

    Before and After Samples: See the Difference

  • You Are Never Alone With Career Wizards

    By hiring Career Wizards you'll gain access to:

    • Professional insight and guidance of certified career advisers.
    • Expert resume writing, editing, and design skills.
    • Much needed objectivity and expertise to play up your strengths, downplay your weaknesses, and position you for interview success.
    • The precise know how to target your career and industry correctly.
    • Winning resume strategies from the recognized experts.
    At Career Wizards, we understand that your resume is the make-or-break marketing tool that stands between whether a prospective employer will call you for an interview or pass you by. That's why we're no ordinary resume writing service. After all, who needs an ordinary resume in a tough job market filled with fierce competition?
    We provide a comprehensive, high-level resume writing service, like what you might expect to find at The Ladders, for a fraction of the price. Career Wizard's proven methodology merges industry best practices with deep expertise from certified experts to yield high quality, high-impact career documents that help clients find jobs faster than they would with a low cost budget firm.
  • Career Wizards is the #1 Rated Career Services Company, Year after Year

    More people entrust their resumes to Career Wizards that any other job board, so it's no wonder we're the #1 rated career services company, year after year. And you only have to ask our customers to discover why.

  • We Make Getting a New Resume Easy

    Career Wizards asks you questions in plain English, and wordsmiths your answers to create an accomplishment-driven resume that generates invitations to job interviews. What could be simpler?

    Step One - Place Your Order

    Choose the resume writing service that's just right for you and place your order to get started now.

    Step Two - Get Expert Guidance

    Speak to an expert career advisor regarding your career goals and job search strategy. Based on your answers, we will choose the right tools to take advantage of every opportunity to make you shine.

    Step Three - Tell Us about You

    Tell us about your background and what you've accomplished. Our resume writing service includes an EasyProfile feature to give you step-by-step guidance through the resume writing process like a GPS, showing you what to do at every turn and giving you clear, easy-to-follow directions all the way through to the receipt of your new resume.

    Step 4 - Win Interviews !

    Use your new resume to make the phone ring with invitations to job interviews for the types of positions your are targeting within 90 days, we guarantee it or we will rewrite your resume for free.

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