Portfolio Sharing Creates Unique Relationship-Building Experiences

We live in amazing times. What used to seem like science fiction is now a reality. We have access to technology which allows us to meet virtually with multiple participants using live video feed to see each other as though we’re all in the same room. Nowadays, all members of the virtual meeting can have the ability to share with each other their streaming videos, split screens, desktops and presentations using multiple file types.

However, adding one more feature makes this a unique relationship building experience as well – one which saves time, energy and money. Imagine having a virtual meeting in which attendees can get to know each other through portfolio sharing. That’s the point at which a straightforward virtual meeting tool becomes a talent management solution which surpasses all expectations.

This portfolio allows the members of a virtual meeting to introduce themselves in a much more dynamic way because, in addition to containing the technology described above, career web portfolios can contain components such as:

  • Profile – a summary of how your employee demonstrates value and unique talents
  • Areas of Expertise – a listing of subject matter for which your employee speaks with authority
  • …and more

Besides using their portfolios within your organization to introduce themselves to project teams, at management meetings and with new staff and peers, your employees can also use their portfolio:

  • As an introduction to key decision makers they meet in business networking meetings
  • For industry networking functions
  • Listings in professional directories
  • On programs for events they participate in
  • When submitting applications for membership, articles for publication and proposals or bios for presentations

Your employee’s portfolio displays their expertise in a professional format with outstanding artwork and design. It can enhance their prestige with clients and vendor and increases their authority and credibility across cross-functional teams within your organization. Your employees are the face of your organization. Effective promotion of their personal brand will enhance your organization by:

  • Adding perceived value to the product or service
  • Increasing earning potential
  • Differentiating your employees from the competition
  • Enhancing their reputation and prestige
  • Positioning a focused message in the minds of their target market

The bottom line is that providing your employees with career web portfolios not only incorporates the latest virtual meeting technology, portfolios, as a talent management tool, help them to promote themselves in your company, your industry, your community and their profession. Best of all, portfolio sharing creates unique relationship-building experiences.

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