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  • Hidden Job Opportunities

    Search millions of potential employers within My CareerAdvantage portal or research companies before you interview with them.

  • Comprehensive Company Search

    Receive information and indicators about companies that are expanding and will be hiring. Many of our "job triggers" indicate companies new products, new customers, and new senior executives, which indicate a need to hire new employees BEFORE they publicly post a job.

  • Search by Companies & Executives

    Use advanced search to filter out companies and find potential employers that meet your criteria such as industry, size location, title, or even keyword searches such as “Harvard MBA” or “IBM”.

  • Job Postings from Employers

    My CareerAdvantage aggregates job postings directly from employer web sites and updates listings each day. Many of these job postings are not listed on Job Board websites such as, or

  • Recruiter Search Database

    Search for thousands of recruiters around the U.S. Our database includes detailed information on retained and contingency recruiters as well as industry and position specializations (i.e. marketing, C-level, entry level, finance, sales).

  • Manage and Track Job Opportunities

    Average job seekers research more than two hundred potential employers and may apply for several dozen jobs. My CareerAdvantage makes it easy for you to track and manage your job search online.