Case Study: Executive Finds Valuable Tool For Career Transition

D.M. was in the midst of an intense search for senior level employment. So far he had spent five figures on a career management program.

After 7 months, he still had not scored a single interview.

He explains where he was at this point:
~The help and support provided by [XYZ Firm] has been invaluable in developing a campaign strategy and a marketing plan. As we progressed with the plan, it became apparent that I needed something more to help differentiate myself and become visible in the market place as someone to be sought after and not just another resume in a company database.

D.M.’s personal observations about his search:
~My personal experience and assessment is that the one page resume does not present any real information about my ability, insights, and vision to run a company.

~Follow up telephone calls on resumes and networking calls were rarely returned and when contacts were made, I was told “what a wonderful background I have and they have forwarded the resume to HR” and my feeling was they could not get off the phone fast enough.

~Spending endless hours filling out on line corporate profiles with no results.

~85% of the senior level positions are found in the unpublished market through networking.

One day while doing job research and contacting companies, D.M. came across our Career Web Portfolio and decided that this could be just the tool he needed to enhance his marketing program. He worked with the counselor at XYZ Firm to develop the content and approach.

What he said about using the Career Web Portfolio:
~When you consider physiological tests have proven that people remember 11% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 27% of what they see, and 52% of what they hear and see leads me to believe the on-line portfolio is a better tool to accomplish the objective of differentiating myself and become more visible in the job market.

~Also, the portfolio adds depth to my candidacy.

~It helps me in demonstrating how I can contribute and add value to organizations in ways that cannot be accomplished in a simple resume.

~The portfolio can eliminate the first stage of interviewing, (the first interview), automatically placing me in the second interview with the hiring decision makers.

~Presidents and CEOs, recruiters, and others have provided input that proves the theory of the tool.

His conclusion:
~…I believe target marketing through networking will provide the best results and the Web Portfolio will prove to be a valuable tool to support such efforts.

After 3 weeks of using his new Career Web Portfolio, D.M. had 2 interviews and a job offer.

About Deanne Arnath

As President and Founder of Career Wizards, Inc., I exercise my passion of personal development by offering comprehensive career management services to individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs. My exceptional ability to recognize new strategic partner potential and build job search assistance programs from the ground up is what sets me apart from other career services professionals. One of my proudest achievements was winning an exclusive contract to help thousands of displaced employees from numerous Fortune 500 companies transition to new jobs by providing job-winning resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, resume distribution, and interview skills training services positioning Career Wizards as a leading outplacement service provider.
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