Platform Offers Major Competitive Advantages For Your Career

Video web conferencing is a fairly new concept, but it’s one that has really grown in popularity. And, it’s no wonder. There are many rewards for bringing meetings online with 21st century technology. Today, scores of companies use this type of platform, and as the CEO of Me Inc. you gain a distinct edge during a career transition and for your ongoing career management when you use it too.

Let’s take a quick look at the major competitive advantages you get with this cutting-edge technology:

Making a More Personal Connection
As a more personalized alternative to a phone call, video web conferencing allows for a face-to face connection. This is extremely important because when you lack the face-to-face connection, you lose much of your communication ability. Jan Hargrave, international body language consultant & author of Let Me See Your Body Talk says, “Research suggests that only 7 percent of the meaning in any conversation is contained in the words spoken.”

Building a Reputation of Remarkable Responsiveness
Video web conferencing enables you to immediately connect with prospective employers and networking contacts without having to spend precious time traveling to a set location. Once re-employed, you can use this technology to drive better team communications and continue cultivating connections within your business network. Since your meetings are not impacted by lost time, your responsiveness to prospective employers, business colleagues, etc. will be remarkably fast.

Leveraging Powerful Communication Features
In particular, the Career Web Portfolio by Talent Wizards contains a variety of high-impact features to make you seem brilliant in the eyes of your meeting attendees:

  • Universal Availability
  • Exceptional Video Image Quality
  • Instant Access – anytime, anywhere
  • Multiple-Viewer Capability
  • Portfolio Co-browse
  • Split-Screen Presentation Sharing
  • Multiple File Type Onscreen Sharing
  • Streaming Video Onscreen Sharing

Helping to Contain Costs
No matter the state of the economy, companies usually strive to reduce costs wherever they can… and so should you. Meeting online eliminates or reduces the need for travel and provides an excellent alternative to traditional meetings. Since participants don’t need to leave their own homes or offices, it’s a “green” alternative that helps save money on air travel tickets, hotel accommodations, car expenses, meal reimbursements, etc. When you offer prospective employers the option of conducting interviews via video web conferencing, you demonstrate your ability to help them contain costs. That’s a powerful message for your job candidacy.

To sum it all up…
Video web conferencing is a smart way to go and provides you with solid advantages over other job candidates and business competitors. Once you land, it helps you to communicate effectively with professional colleagues, clients, employees and vendors at any time of the day or night without having to call a face-to-face meeting.

About Deanne Arnath

As President and Founder of Career Wizards, Inc., I exercise my passion of personal development by offering comprehensive career management services to individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs. My exceptional ability to recognize new strategic partner potential and build job search assistance programs from the ground up is what sets me apart from other career services professionals. One of my proudest achievements was winning an exclusive contract to help thousands of displaced employees from numerous Fortune 500 companies transition to new jobs by providing job-winning resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, resume distribution, and interview skills training services positioning Career Wizards as a leading outplacement service provider.
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